Don’t just take my word for it

What do others say about me?

Pete Avery - Creative Director, We Are Stride

I have no hesitation in recommending Sarah-Jane; she has the ability to turn what can appear complex and daunting into understandable, clear direction and achievable plans. She doesn't bamboozle clients with jargon, is BS free and a pleasure to worth with. I look forward to continuing to work with her.

Kat Vitou - Founder, Well Life Tribe

"Working with SJ was meant to be, I had been toying with hiring someone for a while to mentor me, and just couldn’t find the right person. SJ and I are part of an entrepreneurial group that has over 3000 members, and through this I saw someone else was looking for a mentor. I followed this thread and SJ's name popped up constantly, I was so impressed by the testimonials of all her clients, I knew I had to get in touch with her. When we spoke, I felt immediately comfortable and able to tell her everything without feeling exposed. She really helped me see what I was working towards was good, but some things needed to be prioritized in order to generate revenue wins immediately.
SJ also opened her black book of contacts and put me in touch with people who could help me straight away. SJ's energy is fantastic and actually I found it so motivating I would highly recommend her!!!"

Sonal Ambasna - Founder, Nourish Food for Life

"Our sessions felt like a breakthrough moment for me.

Being able to talk through where I am and clarify my thoughts about where I’m going has been invaluable SJ, I can’t thank you enough! I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me but knowing I can call on you gives me fortitude.

From everyone I’ve talked to, you’ve really got under the skin of me and my business, helping me understand both better. It’s just what I needed!

You’ll need to continue to kick my as* I’m sure, I’m just pleased it’ll be someone who gets “it” that’ll be doing it."

Lizi Jackson-Barrett - Body-Confidence Expert. Coach - Speaker - Author - Educator

"I contacted SJ knowing I needed help with my business but not quite knowing what that help was. I just knew I felt overwhelmed. I was spending my days flitting from one project to another, exhausting myself but feeling like I wasn't achieving much. SJ quickly identified the type of support I needed and helped me to make sense of everything.

She helped me to get clarity on the different strands of my business and helped me to prioritise. Together we put what felt like an impossible list of tasks into an order, so I now know exactly what to focus on and when. SJ gave me exactly the right balance of kindness vs challenge. She drew out of me knowledge that I didn't know I had, whilst contributing her own valuable business expertise.

I went to SJ feeling like I was operating a "headless chicken" approach to running my business. After two sessions I left feeling in control, motivated and with a clear plan of action. I'd recommend time with SJ to any business owner at any stage of their business, as her clear thinking and perspective help you to see your business and your potential in a whole new light."

Helen Cox - Director, Helen Cox Marketing

"I’ve known and worked with Sarah-Jane in both a professional capacity and as the Director of Meow. What I appreciate about Sarah-Jane is how astute she is. Quick to get to the route of the problem she is there to give you her advice and guidance in a no-nonsense capacity. For me personally she offered some great and sensible advice on my proposal documentation.

She is committed to her clients and making their business work.

As a marketing consultant some of the potential clients that I meet need her help before I work with them. I never have any issues with recommending Sarah-Jane immediately!"

Siobhan Mears - Founder, Vantage Ltd

"Taking the time out, to look at the bigger picture of my business has been an invaluable experience. SJ was able to really extract the passion and vision for my business and has given me the clarity and drive to move forward. I can not recommend MEOW highly enough!"

Ross Kay - Managing Director, Laudens

"I have found your help and insight very valuable. I don’t think I’ve made so much structured progress before and I’m now beginning to see this converting into a focused list of companies to approach... The business plan was a good start as it made me consciously aware of what I am trying to achieve financially, but then drilling down into what that might look like helps focus the mind...we don’t just want the first person that comes along. I can also see the way in which we are trying to “shape” the firm for the future to send out the right message and to have the right mix of clients."

Kim Huggins - Founder, Kim Huggins Law

"I valued being able to talk through my service with you ... I needed someone to ask me questions and challenge me by asking why... Working with you has sowed some important seeds in my mind and I look forward to taking things further next year. Plus, I like your relaxed but still professional style. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you."

Abi Wright - Founder, Inspiring Margot

"Sarah-Jane has helped me so much with the business aspect of my company. During our sessions she is supportive, encouraging and teaches me so much. Having an obvious structure to work through makes me feel very at ease and open to exploring. Stuff comes up that I’m never expecting. Straight away this starts to firm things up in my mind. She listened and made me realise I was working purely on one dimension only. Our sessions are always such an eye opener for me and help shape how I'm working going forward. It always feels very professional but also very personal and easy. Her services are invaluable."

Rosie Turvey and Mandy Burman - Directors, NU U Beauty

"Sarah-Jane has worked with us for over a year. When we started working with her we had been trading for almost a year. It was tough getting to grips with all areas of the business. Sarah-Jane helped us to gain a clearer picture on pricing and to understand how our outgoings and special offers affect our profits. It's been hard work but she has helped us to be far more competitive with how we package our services. Her advice also came in useful with our employees, helping us to maximise their output. She has made us feel more confident about developing and making the most of our business and hopefully we will continue to grow and flourish. Sarah-Jane has become a friend and we trust her to guide us on all matters with the business. We highly recommend SJ she is amazing at what she does."

Nick Mattison - Director, Mattison Public Relations

"Sarah-Jane is excellent at delivering results and programmes that are strategically significant. She always takes a no-nonsense, pragmatic approach that gets the job done on budget and well within deadline. Excellent organisational skills and great at building consensus at a senior level".

Marian Toth - Director, MYOFIT

“You brought more structure and clarity in my business plan, its more organised and dividing my goals into different quarters of the year definitely made a big difference. It helps me to stay more focused on a couple of goals rather than having too many unfinished things on my mind. Helping me to understand how best to communicate … this gives me more confidence to post information online and to my clients.”

Laura Salmon - The Ink Artist

"I have to thank this amazing person, Sarah-Jane from Meow Consulting. I knew how to tattoo and I knew what I wanted to achieve but there was a big gap between where I was and how to get there - it wasn’t clear to me at all. Being creative, I find being business minded is not something I enjoy. I can do it but it dampens my creativity... along came Sarah-Jane and I was amazed that she, a successful business consultant, looked over my business and who I am and what I want and said ‘I love it, you can do this, here’s how...’ I didn’t know my unique story was worth anything. I was lost in the midst of having so much to do and not knowing where to start. Sarah-Jane has been absolutely amazing at showing me where my strong points are, what to improve upon and how to actually get where I want, by listening to me. I cannot thank, or recommend, this amazing business knowledge fountain enough. If you have a business, you need to know what your meow is. So business owners, unless you’re already exactly where you want to be, don’t waste your time trying to use some other language, find your meow!"

Graham Bushby - Partner, Head of Restructuring Advisory, RSM

“…When Sarah-Jane worked for us she gained an understanding of the business very quickly. No small feat given the complexities and diversity of the business. Very proactive, contributes to strategy/ planning and is not shy to share her opinions, but still listens to others. Has gained the respect of the team’s Partners and Directors. Managed the teething problems (not insignificant) between the new marketing set up/team and RA partners…no small feat. A valued colleague and fun to work with.”

Nati Culacan - Client Liaison Manager at Rider Levett Bucknall

“Sarah-Jane is a knowledgeable marketer, a great communicator and an inspiring leader. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her at Moore Stephens and greatly respect both her strategic marketing expertise and her project management skills. Her enthusiasm is infectious and most importantly, she is great fun to work with.”

Lois Taylor - Head of Marketing, Curzon & Co

“Her considered approach has enabled her to forge strong relationships with key stakeholders. Sarah-Jane creates detail driven processes, while maintaining a view of the bigger picture. Her proactive understanding of the business has helped to grow collaborations with the wider business.”

Tom Cunliffe-Whitford - Business Coach, PwC

“A strong business development manager, Sarah-Jane combines a highly focused approach with a natural flair for designing and delivering innovative solutions. An astute project lead, Sarah-Jane delivers consistent and high-quality results to timelines and specifications stipulated by internal and external clients. During our time together at Moore Stephens LLP we worked on a number of intricate and strategically important projects and Sarah-Jane’s diligence, hard work and creative thinking were critical to their success.”