Working with

Exciting businesses

A successful business that has lots of assets and exciting opportunities but in need of a refocus and clarity to move forward. Big enough to pack a punch. Flexible enough to adapt to change.

Business Mentor & Coach | Sarah-Jane Adams | London and Essex | Meow Consulting

We could discuss:

  • Reaffirming the foundations: Reviewing your original vision and realigning it to your current activity.
  • Shaking it up: Evaluate your activities. Do they need a boost? Could they be improved?
  • No need to reinvent the wheel: Already have a business plan but concerned it's lost some of it's dazzle? Let's take a look and breathe some life back in to it.
  • Making reactive into proactive business strategies: Do you have the balance right? Are you taking control, anticipating possible challenges and staying ahead of the game?
  • Empowering the wider team: Working out how all the team can play a part in future success. Reduce the stress and enhance performance.
  • Getting things done: Improve your efficiency and messaging internally and externally.
  • Listening and learning: Seeking feedback from clients will be essential for adapting your approach.
  • Streamlining your revenue streams: Review your income sources and revenue model. There could be some surprises.

“Remember why you started your business in the first place.”