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Putting Yourself in the Shoes of Your (Potential) Clients

When was the last time you stopped and considered how your offering was not only understood but received. It’s easy for the small things, that are really important to a first-time buyer of your services, to be overlooked and not communicated. REMEMBER we are selling a solution and whether people buy from us is a […]

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Top Tips on Owning Difficult Conversations

For me it’s all about managing the situation, so how best do you do that?

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Know Your Value

Know Your Value – Earn More Without Changing a Thing When a client calls a day after a session exploring what they do, how they do and how they price it – saying they’ve confidently talked through their offering with a prospective client AND quoted a figure that is significantly more than they ever thought […]

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Why You Need a Business Plan

People often confuse a marketing plan and a business plan. Thinking if they have the former that they do not need to invest in a clear business plan.

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First Rule of Business…

Who Are Your Clients?

First rule of business, except that you are not everyones cup of tea!

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What Is Your Business Trying to Achieve?

Be structured and clear in your approach, this will allow you to funnel all of your energy in to exploiting all of those sexy opportunities.

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Brexit Planning for Business

Remember and have a think on these 3 key areas: What are you trying to do? Who are you trying to do it with? How are you doing it?

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Making Your Business More Successful

Making people’s passion something they can be proud of.

You’ve heard me talk about my three pillars: clarity, control, cultivate but what do they mean to you as business owners and professionals?

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