What Do You Understand as the Difference Between a Marketing and a Business Strategy?

Please be very clear in this as it can make a huge difference in how you invest both your money and your time in your business!


hello so question in your mind what do

you see as a marketing strategy and what

is a business strategy why do I ask

I think there's huge confusion I have

talked before about the difference

between a marketing in a business plan

and I think and that might I think

there's this huge confusion around it

because of the jargon istic nature in

which they had been referred to in the

past and probably still currently for me

showing a bit of my expertise why is it

important to focus on the business the

business plan the business strategy

before we look at any form of marketing

that is to really underpin to pinpoint

that business's visioned understand the

strategy to understand where the

business is now and where it wants to

get to and all the nuts and bolts that

make that business work so whether it's

the clients and how how you work with

your clients whether it's some values of

actually what you want to be known for

and and that helps you how you position

what you do and looking at your team

what do they bring to the table

are you clear about what you expect from

them and also what they can expect from

you it's very easy sometimes to point

the finger at employees when actually if

you're brutally honest maybe good enough

thoughts wasn't given so actually what

their role should cover in the first

place so that clarity pays it's about

the system's thinking about how you

monitor the data behind the businesses

their financials how do we how do we

pull the financials I'm really can make

clear picture the discovery piece about

the business and be clear about the

business once what it needs where it

wants to be before we then start

thinking how do we push that information

out there through various communication

channels so that's my little tip for

today as a business owner

if you want to get more business great

but do not overlook that peace of

stopping and reviewing where your

business is and depending on how often

you've done it or when you last on it

the size of that job will change

dramatically but it's bloody Kay to do

there before you start communicating

what you do because otherwise you're

poking around in the dark often and

therefore investments both time and

monetary can be wasted so last point

from me you speed of really thinking

always having that business strategy

that business plan that underpins any

business growth plan business strategy

and business development plan