Enjoy What You Do!

Do you really dread any aspects of work? Well if you’ve made the bold step to go out alone, give yourself permission to be in control of how you work and what you offer. Need help? Give me a shout. SJ@meowconsulting.co.uk


it's the morning and happy Monday fresh

new week how we all doing quick thought

for me at the start of the week

following some client sessions last week

and that is around what we do as a

business so if we have taken the bold

bold step of going out on our own it's

really important that we enjoy what we

do and actually that we give ourselves

the permission to enjoy what we do so if

any areas of your business are a real

slog that you feel as though it's like

pushing water uphill remember you don't

have to do it obviously there are the

financial elements to it and we have to

be cute about knowing how we earn money

but ultimately we've all gone out on our

own for a reason and that is to have

more independence more say in how we

work and who we work with so bloody well

enjoy it