Are you to tough on yourself as a business owner?

Be kinder to little old you! PLEASE!


what's up guys how we doing on this fine

Wednesday wasn't too great this morning

was it but it's most definitely

brightened up look one for me today it's

a bit of a plea actually I have spoken

to a lot of business owners over the

last week or so and I think it's a whole

post summer oh my god we need to get our

asses in gear for the rest of the remain

the remainder of the year vibe and has

it all been in there self up they are

all thinking they should be doing more

they should be more on it they should

know more they are not doing that

they're basically not doing what they

need to do and they still a lot better

listen we all feel like that sometimes

when we care what we do especially when

we care what we do and and it's your own

thing in your own business you know in

the large we are our own toughest critic

but it's really important you know to

actually be kind to yourself to get to

the end of the day and it might have

been a shocker but at least take one

thing from it that made you smile that

went well and you might not be always

might not might not always be business

related but choose to take the positive

rather than the negative from situations

and choose to be kind to yourself and

think okay may not have gone how I would

have liked it to go I could learn from

that and adapt my approach but don't

label yourself as failing or behind

because that negative connotation is

really damaging and really unnecessary

so give himself permission to pat

yourself on the damn back and say I'm

doing my best and that he's good enough

and it will come remember believe and

you will achieve