Your Business Is Not a Charity and You Are Not a Volunteer

As a business how long should it take you to make some money?

Recent conversations with both new and established businesses and what they are prepared to take home worried me.

For new business, it was suggested the wait could be up to 3 years!

With the long-standing businesses, the profit margins were scarily tight.

Don’t settle.
Let me help you.


hello so thinking and talking to people

starting and what they can expect

and I think as a world of thumb we think

help we start business we're not gonna

earn money for a while actually the

timeframe I reached recently discussed

was three years and for me that's a bit

of a concern really obviously if you've

got a huge outlay if you've got a big

commercial unit that you need to stock

out that's gonna make it better you know

have a huge impact on your cash flow but

ultimately you should be making money in

a down cycle come in three years if you

don't know then something needs to


let's have a chair see you later bye