What Is Your Business Trying to Achieve?

Be structured and clear in your approach, this will allow you to funnel all of your energy in to exploiting all of those sexy opportunities.


okay so as promised second section what

are you looking to do this is when an

objective commercial opinion often from

an external person like myself comes in

really useful so these are sessions that

I do with my clients that are called

refine and define and it's all about

looking back at your original vicious

vision for the business and

double-checking me that you are happy

with where you are now

businesses have lots of exciting

opportunities at any one time but it's

key to really focus your energy and make

sure that you're piling all of your love

and your passion into a few key areas

because otherwise what you'll find

happens is you really can dilute your

offering by trying to do not too much at

at any one time so that's why I ask you

today when was the last time you stopped

and looked at the business as a whole

I'm bigger picture thinker myself and

it's all about the bigger the the

biggest strategy and what are we trying

to do here thinking about are you happy

with what you're doing and how can you

be more structure so you can really

exploit all of those juicy opportunities

have a great day guys see later