What Do You Bring to the Table?

What do I bring to the table?

Yes, it’s a longer video than normal but what can I say I bring a lot to my clients and their business!

I’m always telling my clients to be clear what they offer, so it’s about time I reminded you all of what I do!

What value do I bring to my clients?

The value comes from…

  • Increasing profits.
  • Propelling the business in a more structured way.
  • Giving the business owner the freedom to change how they work.
  • Changing the mindset enabling them to more confidently articulate their offering.
  • Allowing them to see their business from an objective perspective.
  • Highlighting untapped opportunities.
  • Identifying collaborations that would strengthen their offering.
  • Making them accountable for the future success of their business.


some always telling my clients it's

really important to effectively

articulate what value you bring so I

thought it was about time that I had a

bit of a step up because I often

struggle to actually pinpoint what that

is because there are so many different

aspects to what I do so the value of

what I do it doesn't just come from

increasing profits by reviewing the

price and the pricing and actually

putting apart the the service and

actually extrapolating the real value in

there the expertise of blood sweat and

tears and does that price tag

effectively cover that often more often

than not it doesn't the value comes from

me helping the business owner to

effectively propel that business forward

in a more structured way by pinpointing

what they're offering and who they are

offering it to and how that service

changes depending on who they are

working with and it does change the

value comes from giving the the business

owner the freedom to change how they

work every business must adapt and

innovate to be successful so we do that

by really underpinning what the values

are of the business so no matter how

much service changes that business owner

is happy with what they are doing and

how they are working more that

represents to them and that is

fundamental the value comes from

changing the mindset of a business owner

so it is giving them the constant the

confidence to effectively articulate

what they do what they bring to the

table to prospective clients to talk

them through the service to be totally

transparent with that process

changing man the body comes from

allowing them to or forcing them to see

their business in a different light with

a product or service it is giving them

another perspective on how their

business might be understood how it

might be engaged with and where the

services they're offering how they're

purchased the value comes from a

highlight highlighting opportunities

opportunities they are blind to because

they are so close to the business it is

impossible for them to walk far enough

back for them to take that new

perspective the value comes from

identifying other ways to strengthen

their offering so thinking about

collaborations potential partnerships

and the right people that they can work

with it's about making it easy remember

the value comes from making a business

owner accountable for the future success

of their business and that is with

support and also a little bit there may

be a kick if they need it every now and


yeah that's me um