Top Tips on Owning Difficult Conversations

Difficult Conversations – Top Tips on How to Get the Outcome You Want

For me it’s all about managing the situation, so how best do you do that?

  1. Have a clear structure – a list of items to be discussed and resolved.
  2. Define your desired outcome – think ahead on what a successful resolution looks like to you, so you dictate the solution and not the other party.
  3. Set a timeline – make them accountable and secure a deadline that you are happy with!


difficult conversations in business are

pretty part of the course

unfortunately I've just had to leave a

meeting on behalf of the client with a

landlord it's been pretty tricky I could

have been a pretty damn tough

conversation and actually I thought it

might be worth sharing kind of some of

my top tips around the best thing to do

to handle and obviously have a

successful meeting so first things that

then the whole thing is around managing

managing that meeting so first thing is

clear structure have a clear list about

what you want to talk about secondly

have a think about what you want the

solution to be what you want that

outcome to be so you go in there and you

dictate what success looks like not the

other party and thirdly a timeline so

will a good someone's saying yes yes yes

but actually when are they going to get

it done by it can be tough but manage

that situation and you will as I just

have get the outcome you need have an

awesome Easter guys see you later bye