Show Me the Solution!

When bringing others on board to help your business make sure they bring you a SOLUTION!

I clearly recall being told the difference between someone who you could trust to take responsibility, get on with the job and get it done was the solution-bringer – not the one who finds a problem.

Like a cat lovingly leaving you a dead bird at your back door – IT ISN’T HELPFUL. 😼

SO my tip for the day is if your outside professional support isn’t making your life easier… REPLACE THEM.

Be that breath of fresh air!


pretty simple one for me and that is

about how ever we work with you

everywhere decide externally to take

involved they need to bring us a

solution not a problem that's a

challenge a solution they need to bring

us something that we've not thought of a

different perspective that makes our

lives easier not more difficult

bring me a solution