Question: What Does Good Business Look like to You?

It’s all about taking the time to connect with people, to build solid personal and professional relationships. Because guess what, we don’t buy from people we don’t like!


question what does good business look

like and mean to you today I had a

wonderful day actually and that was

because it was centered around

connecting people for me good business

is all about connecting people it's

about taking the time to build both

personal and professional relationships

relationships that may not come to

fruition may not result in immediate

money but actually that that strengthen

your offering that give more clarity to

what you can do how you can work who you

can work with and just expand genuinely

expand your mind we often talk about

expanding our network and we think about

quite wooden clinical networking events

and for me it's just not less about it

for me I always talk about people buy

from people and it's true we do we're

not going to buy from someone we don't

like our way

so actually taking that time to have a

coffee with someone and a face to face

conversation and finding out more about

them as an individual and making making

those connections where were your

similarities what have you got in common

and when you actually find out where

those shared connections are you know

people you might have been trying to get

in cut back on contact with both ages

you know it's amazing how small the

world is and you'll have conversations

with the most unlikely people that set

you potentially in front of prospective

clients prospective collaborators

partners make you think of other ways in

which I said you can work it is in a


so for me my Wednesday tip always take

the time to meet people face to face and

yes sometimes you come away and you

think I'm not sure I've got anything

from that but I guarantee you always do

it may not be now it may not be in the

medium-term and maybe in the longer term

but people respond to people get to know