Not All Business Is Good Business

Take heed!


hey guys happy hump day and just posted

something about not all businesses but

business and my god is it true how many

clients do I speak to that say oh we've

got this kind and we're making no money

from them they're to me they want too

much from me

or actually do you know what my

intuition and start a job Tommy

we probably weren't the whites there and

I still went ahead because it's money

right or actually some reflection we

probably weren't as clear as what could

have been about actually what they

needed and what we can what we could

give what we could provide what was our


it's really important to say no

sometimes yes may seem like a good idea

when you're thinking about the pennies

but really it's the best thing I'll

leave you with Matt don't give me a

shout when questions you later bye