Know Your Value

Know Your Value – Earn More Without Changing a Thing

When a client calls a day after a session exploring what they do, how they do and how they price it – saying they’ve confidently talked through their offering with a prospective client AND quoted a figure that is significantly more than they ever thought they could. hashtag #winning

I regularly see client’s double, triple, quadruple their fees just by stopping and being objective about what they are actually bringing to the table.

This is not about adding value where there is none either, nor some money mindset BS.

This is strategic, honest, valued-based pricing. Pricing that instantly impacts your bottom line.



and more money without changing how you

work what do I mean I mean when clients

come to me and we review their business

how they work what they offer their

clients and really establish the value

that they bring when a client calls me

and says they've had a wonderful call

with a prospective client where they've

been able to confidently and comfortably

explain what they do and how they work

and not only that but then price what

they do quote the job a significant

amount more than what they ever dreamed

possible I often see clients double

triple quadruple their phase and that's

not money mindset BS that's not adding

value where there is no that strategic

honest value-based pricing if you don't

know your value no one will let me help