Know Your Tribe. Find Your Tribe. Love Your Tribe.

The best relationships in business and life are built when you ‘get’ each other. 🤔 If it ain’t working, walk away.


what's up guys happy Friday as promised

I'm back and very much all over all over

this again lucky you and thank you to

all the love I received yesterday after

announcing I was pregnant that meant a

hell of a lot and and yeah it was it was

really special so thank you last few

weeks had some time to reflect and do

some reading think on some conversations

I've had with clients and I just thought

I'd kind of share some of those thoughts

because they're particularly person they

really resonated with me and I think

it's damn important what are they so

I've been reading I was listening

initially to a podcast by Mary Portas

and Elizabeth day and it was all around

how to fail and embracing that and what

did that mean to them and they obviously

both mentioned their books and I've kind

of gone away and been dipping it in and

in and out of them so Elizabeth days was

how to fail awesome massively recommend

it I'm Mary Portas is work like a woman

different but good what they were

talking about was knowing your tribe

which I've talked about a lot before but

actually in business how this is as

important as the people you surround

yourself with you know in terms of the

friends you chose and this was kind of

consolidated when I was having a chat

with a fellow business owner yesterday

and that conversation went along the

lines of do you know what I've been

going for a number of years now but I've

realized that I want to change course of

the business there are certain areas I

enjoy a lot more and I want to enjoy

more I do this was immediately justified

by it doesn't mean I'm work shy and I

think that is a real key key thing that

is so deeply ingrained within us that

work has to be tough we don't always

enjoy it

and actually if we say we always want to

enjoy it that means we're work shy we're

not hard of and we're not keen on I'm

really great at getting their grind on

and that's rubbish because there are

very different things so it was about

reassuring them and it was about

thinking them myself

I'm kind of reflecting on who I was

working with and is it working for me

it's all about bringing value to my

clients it's about having an honest open

relationship a good relationship strong

relationship by the very nature of what

I do I have to I have to get under the

skin of the business and it's pretty

damn personal and and I just think you

know there's a little bit of a thought

at the end of the wake give yourself

permission as a business owner to choose

who you work with you don't have to get

up in the morning and I think you're

going to a specific client thing god

this is hard work this is just hard work

and I feel like I'm pushing water uphill

it doesn't have to be that way and to

reiterate you saying I want to enjoy who

I work with doesn't mean it's always

going to be easy or that your work shy

so it is about finding your tribe is

about knowing your tribe it's about

knowing who you can best help with

whatever you do service or product so

that's a thought for me today have an

awesome weekend guys see you later