First Rule of Business…

Who Are Your Clients?

First rule of business, except that you are not everyones cup of tea!

  1. Who are you working with now?
  2. Why do they work with you – the scary bit where you ask for feedback?
  3. There will be lots of untapped opportunities, being clearer about who buys you (and not assuming) will highlight further propspective clients.

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happy Wednesday so first rule of

business except that you're not gonna be

everybody's cup of tea second rule of

business except you're not gonna be

everyone's cup of tea it's really

important to not try and please

everybody because you can't and in doing

so you will dilute your offering and and

that is why it's so pivotal to really

pin down what your values are because

what your values are as a business will

then determine who you want to work with

and so thinking about your clients who

are they these aren't always going to be

the people you expect to buy you your

services your offering so it's really

important to stop and look at the hard

facts look at the data who are you

working with and how can you learn from

that how can you do better in terms of

your service and also exploiting

untapped opportunities that you didn't

even think existed so for me today is

about clients really getting under the

skin of who they are feeling happy and

confident that you have identified who

they are and not assumed never shown

usually helped give me a shout have a

good day