The Why

How many times have we been told not to follow our heart and instead to listen to our head? I believe that in business we do need to listen but we should also have the courage to follow our heart and intuition. Listen, ask questions and remember why we set up our business or why we chose our career path. Why do we believe we are making or could make a difference and importantly how do we stand out from our competitors?

Work smarter, not harder (Heard that one before?)

Before you look outward, check you are open-minded and ready to grasp any new opportunity. Do you think that your business could be better? I believe that there is potential for all businesses, regardless of industry, size and maturity, to be more effective and efficient at both working with existing clients and reaching out to new clients.

Make it easier for yourself

We all need a guide, whether in the form of a business roadmap, a timetable or even a To Do list. Trying to deliver everything at once and to the best of your ability, is impossible. Take the time to consider the Why and the How and establish a clear structure with achievable goals in order to maximise the end result.

Reconnect the disconnect

During my 13 years of experience working within large professional services firms with local, national and international footprints, I have seen how organisations can get it very right and unfortunately very wrong. Let me share my breadth of knowledge and expertise to help you strengthen and improve your business offer and to take advantage of exciting opportunities. Reconnect, refocus and re-energise your original vision. Re-ignite your passion!

What’s in a name…

‘Meow’ is the name and heart of the business. Cats have learned that humans communicate by making sounds. The ‘meow’ is an adaptation to ensure that cats are listened to by speaking in human language. Meow Consulting aims to help businesses communicate distinctively so their clients sit up and take notice.

Showing not telling

Imagine how you could improve your impact, if you too took the time to adapt your approach and language? Meow Consulting helps businesses to better understand the needs of their existing and potential clients and importantly to use the right language to communicate with these target audiences. Businesses need to show that they know in order to be listened to!

Sustained success

I work with businesses of all sizes and across all industries, encouraging them to adopt a more structured and measured approach to their activities.

“Without a clear strategy we do not focus. Without focus we waste time.”